IGS encourages those looking to form interdisciplinary projects to advertise here with a short (1-3 minute) video pitch or image, description of the project, and what you're looking for in potential collaborators. We are actively seeking to add to our initial batch. Contact us if you have an idea that needs to be heard!
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History of Darwin and Evolutionary Biology

I am interested in starting a reading and discussion group on the history of Charles Darwin and evolutionary theory. I would like to explore the following questions and more: How Charles Darwin was a scientist of his time? How have ideas about evolution have shaped our society? How has society shaped the development and current state of evolutionary theory?

If you are interested in discussing these questions and exploring the relationships between history, society, and evolutionary biology, please e-mail Jennifer Jones at When I have a group of interested people, I’ll get a group started.

Computational Neuroscience Club

A group focused on exploring the information processing properties of the brain and mind. We seek to understand these phenomena from diverse view points and welcome those from both the sciences and humanities. Activities center around a journal club to discuss leading ideas in the field and we actively seek to foster collaborations to bring to light new insights and ideas. Contact: