Resources On Campus

Existing Interdisciplinary Programs

  • Illinois Program for Research in the Humanties - "Research Clusters are groups of faculty and graduate students from the University of Illinois campus who work together to explore particular questions or subjects in the humanities and arts."
  • Illinois Climate Action Plan Interdisciplinary Research Seminar - "One of the goals of the Illinois Climate Action Plan is to create a community of scholarship around the Plan. The iCAP suggests developing an interdisciplinary reasearch seminar for graduate students as one way in which this goal can be achieved. Those who take part in the seminar would be exposed to the plan as a whole and would contribute to its evolution and implementation through research."
  • Interdisciplinary and Cross-College Recruiting and Admissions (ICRA) - "To create a procedure that allows students interested in a research area defined by multiple graduate programs to apply and be admitted to the Graduate College, to spend their first semester in a core curriculum but with the ability to develop relationships with all the faculty in the particular research area, and at the end of the first semester to be admitted to the most appropriate program for the student and faculty members alike. This dramatically increases opportunities for incoming students as they are not limited by the historical and artificial barriers between programs. The process would open opportunities for faculty to work with a diverse group of students entering the university, to thereby enlarge the pool of students and information on those students who they will wish to consider for admission to their program, and through tighter interdisciplinary ties continue to have the advantage of working with the students admitted to interdisciplinary fields even as they progress."
  • Engineering at Illinois - Interdisciplinary Research Themes - "These incubators share the common goals of providing superior research capabilities in the fundamental engineering sciences in collaboration with industrial and governmental laboratories."
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology Interdisciplinary Programs - "Many of our faculty members are also affiliated with or actively participate in a number of interdisciplinary programs at Illinois, providing you with broad and rich opportunities for graduate work. A brief introduction to each is provided here."
  • Philosophy - Interdisciplinary Study
  • Pre- and Postdoctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training in the Educational Sciences
  • Center for Advanced Study - "At the intellectual heart of the University lies the Center for Advanced Study, bringing together scholars from diverse disciplines and backgrounds, encouraging and rewarding excellence in all areas of academic inquiry."
  • Illinois Applied Research Institute - "The Illinois Applied Research Institute is the state's leader in performing translational R&D for commercial and government mission-driven organizations. Launched in late 2013 and helmed by Jeffrey L. Binder, a veteran of the DOE National Lab system, it is a joint initiative of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Engineering and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research that harnesses the considerable depth of creativity and scientific ability on the Illinois campus."

Funding Sources

If you want to learn Python programming along with practical techniques for using Python for computing in science and engineering please visit the website for the computational bootcamp taught recently in the math department: or contact the instructor at The material used is available on the website.